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Casaca, Casaca
A turma é boa
É mesmo da fuzarca
Vasco, Vasco, VASCO!

This (somewhat untranslatable) traditional chant has been intoned
thousands of times by immense legions of Vasco supporters during
the celebration of great victories in many different sports.

black jersey white jersey
Founded in 1898 as a rowing club, Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama soon embraced other sports as well.

The scope of this document is exclusively soccer.


Vasco profile displays the basic info about this great Brazilian club.

History of Vasco chronicles the relevant facts since the club's foundation until the present.

Vasco's distinctive role in the extinction of the odious racial discrimination that scourged Brazilian soccer in its beginnings makes the supporters proud, and deserves special mention.

Acclaimed Brazilian sports writers, like Sérgio Cabral, Aldir Blanc, Armando Nogueira, Álvaro do Nascimento and Mário Filho, among others, dedicated some of their best articles to Vasco-related themes.

Several curious stories related to Vasco are hereby told.

Get your heart ready to recall the emotions of Vasco's unforgettable great games.

The list of Vasco's largests blowouts shows that they never hesitated to impose huge scores over opponents from many parts of Brazil and the world.

Check out all team lineups, year by year since 1916.

Vasco's all-time position tables summarize the club's performance in all official tournaments.

One of the most successful clubs in Brazil, Vasco have won no less than 114 titles, so far.

Vasco's most recent official title in the international arena was the Mercosur Cup 2000.

Vasco were the first South American club champions, in 1948. This title is officially recognized by the South American Football Confederation. Vasco's second continental title was the Copa Libertadores 1998.

Vasco won the Brazilian Championship four times since the competition started in 1971. Vasco's last Brazilian title was in 2000.

Vasco were the 2011 Cup of Brazil champions, the club's first title on this competition.

Vasco are the 2016 Rio de Janeiro State champions (unbeaten) - for the second season in a row, and the twenty-fourth time since their first participation in 1923.

In their 72 international tours, Vasco played in 54 countries of all continents, and won 21 tournaments. Vasco's unbeaten runs of 29 games abroad, and 34 games against foreign opponents, achieved in 1954, remain the longest ever achieved by a Brazilian side.

Vasco have often boldly gone where no one had ever gone before. And you never forget the first time.

Find the Vasco fans' idols of all time in the Hall of Fame.

Vasco players have often shined in the Brazilian Squad. Their number of World Cup caps is one of the largest among Brazilian clubs.

Vasco's dynasty of goal scorers, always a terror for opponents' defenders, established several records of Brazilian football.

Four of the few Brazilian football former superstars that have never played for Vasco had the privilege of appearing as a Vasco player for a day - or a few days even.

Vasco's anthems: The famous Brazilian popular music composer Lamartine Babo wrote the anthems of all clubs from Rio, including Vasco's. But few people know that Vasco previously had two other anthems, now forgotten.

Goals: Narrations from radio broadcasts.

Photo Album

Museum of memorabilia

Fernanda Abreu and the Vascaino Happiness Rap

"Vasco" sound vignette (wave, 30k), from Globo radio sports broadcasts.

Links to other Vasco sites.

Current and former Vasco player sites.

Books and articles about Vasco related themes.

Daily news on Vasco sites, without the anti-Vasco bias usually exhibited by the Brazilian sports media.

Daily news on the Brazilian press.

Multimedia sites, with video and audio.

Search engines.

Evolve! Be Vasco!!

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