Vasco disputará torneio sub-21 no Vietnã em outubro, afirma imprensa local

Sábado, 13/08/2016 - 13:04

De acordo com o site "Vietnam News", o Vasco disputará, em outubro, um torneio da categoria sub-21 no Vietnã. Trata-se da Thanh Niên Newspaper Cup, competição realizada há 20 anos e que, pela primeira vez, terá a participação de um time de fora da Ásia. Uma foto publicada na matéria mostra os organizadores do torneio conversando com o supervisor de futebol Nilson Gonçalves, o treinador dos Juniores Rodney Gonçalves e o assessor especial da presidência Ricardo Vasconcellos.

Fonte: NETVASCO (texto), Vietnam News (foto)

Vasco da Gama agree to compete in U21 tourney

Brazilian Vasco da Gama club will compete at the International U21 Football Championship, Thanh Niên Newspaper Cup, this year.

The 118-year-old club have triumphed their local tournament for many years. They have trained famous players in the world such as Romario.

Vasco Da Gama took silver medal at the Intercontinental Cup in 2000 before dropping to the B class of the Brazilian league.

They just won a berth in the Brazilian Serie A after finishing their 2015-16 season with 12 wins, three draws and four losses.

Coach Rodney Goncalves said Vasco Da Gama appreciated Việt Nam’s youth football potential after watching the U19 and U21 squads competing online.

He hoped that his players would have the chance to play with those rivals. So they have agreed and are ready to take part in the Vietnamese tournament.

The details of their visit will be updated soon after the Vasco da Gama youth squad complete their US training course on September 1.

Thanh Niên Newspaper Cup has been running for the past 20 years. It lures different clubs from Southeast Asia every year.

This year will be the first time the competition, which is scheduled for late October, opens for a team outside Asia.

Fonte: Vietnam News