Futebol 7: Vasco é destaque no site da F7WW, a Fifa da modalidade: 'Devastador'

Quarta-feira, 03/06/2015 - 12:23

O site da Football 7 Worldwide (F7WW), a Fifa do Futebol 7, destacou o Vasco em seu site oficial em matéria de 30 maio. A notícia qualifica o time vascaíno como "devastador" e menciona os 2 títulos conquistados em 2015 (Copa dos Campeões e Copa Rio), bem como a invencibilidade da equipe comandada por Rogério Correa na temporada.

Fonte: NETVASCO (texto), F7WW (imagem)

Devastating in Brazil, Vasco da Gama wins two titles in semester

May 30, 2015

The first semester of the Vasco da Gama comes to an end in unbeatable form. With campaign 100% in the two competitions it competed in, no one has managed stop the Cruzmaltino that led the two titles convincingly. In the Rio Cup, the Giant of Colina won ten matches he played. In the Champions Cup, they were three wins and three draws.

In the Rio Cup, Vasco da Gama completed the first phase with the best campaign among the 28 clubs. Leader of Group A, the Cruzmaltino passed smoothly for all of the second phase playoffs and reached the final with morals. In the decision, before Botafogo, the Giant of Colina has crowned campaign 100% with the title of the tournament.

The Champions League, the Rio team focused on the competition short shot. In six games, Cruzmaltino won three games and drawn three others, superseded great rivals. In the grand final of the tournament, the classic front of Flamengo defined the champion of the competition and once again unbeaten, Vasco raised the trophy.

Now the Giant of Colina search higher flights. After winning two national titles, the team prepares to compete in the League of the Americas and the F7Ww World Club League, which will be played in Barcelona. In addition, the Cruzmaltino starts Carioca Championship dispute at the end of the first semester.

Fonte: F7WW